Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Hair Cut for the Summer: Octopus cut!

It's actually more like new hair cut for the end of the summer. I had my hair cut again and this time, for me, it was epic. I totally stepped out of my comfort zone.

So before the haircut:

grr. what a face.

My hair used to have the typical long layered style and it's really thick. Maintenance is really pricey. I consume too much shampoo and conditioner. So i thought I need to make my hair thinner. I printed this picture of bubzbeauty for me to have something to show to the parlor. The parlor I went to was named Mirrors. They were supposed to be famous for Korean-type hairstyles in Iligan.

Upon seeing the picture, the hairstylist instantly said. "Ah! Octopus cut!"
And I was like... octopus whaaat??

Before I can do anything about it, he started cutting huge bundles of hair already.

More layers are starting to form. This is the point of no return.
The hairstylist was ironing my hair too to make it straight and said something like "mas nindot if i.rebond imong buhok". Your hairstyle will look better if we rebond your hair. 
At this point, seeing how apathetic he is about all the hair that I've painstakingly grew for the last 4 years(I had short hair before), I was a little bitter already.
 I was thinking. You gave me this haircut so I have no choice but to get my hair rebonded again? 


After the hairstylist was done murdering my hair. 

The ends are just too thin! If you watch bubz, you can see that her hair is still thick enough for her to do different styles with it. I can't do that with my hair! And to think that it was initially thick and all.

Plus, the hair at the back of my head are sooo short, I can't even tie my hair in a pony tail.

And of course, it didn't stay straight. I had my hair rebonded over a year ago, most of the hair at the top of my head are in their natural state.

I looked like I had boycut and wearing slim extensions.

Seriously, a bob would have been easier to sport. 

The night after I had a haircut, I can't sleep at all!
 It's the same feeling I had when I failed a subject. You know that feeling when you just want everything to be a bad dream that you can wake up from? And you just want soooo badly to go back in time to undo everything. Well at one point, I really thought I was just dreaming, but when I grabbed my head and felt my hair, I almost cried when it felt short and thin. 

FYI. I did cry later at 2am I think. What?? I'm a girl after all. Furthermore, my hair is one thing that I'm most vain about (you can tell by the amount of products reviews, most are still in draft even. I will publish them soon).

Oh by the way, we had pizza at R. Kelly Pizza after.

Aine only partially aware that I'm taking her picture.

I know this is totally not related but the pizza was good. This cost 168 pesos I think. Really cheap. You should check out this R. Kelly Pizza when you visit Iligan.

yummy don't you think?

So anyway, days passed. The only consolation I got is since I just had more than half of my hair chopped off, my shampoo and conditioner consumption was greatly lessened.

But hey, these days, I think my hair is doing better (or I probably just got used to it). Here are a few more shots of how I get by with it.

No longer straight. But the waviness adds volume. 

Bangs to hide breakouts at my forehead. yey! 

This is how I wear it. All the long hair has to be in front.

From the back, it looks like I have short hair.

See what I mean? Sorry for the weird posture. I'm slouching here.

And here are some more pictures these last few days.

At the laundry house. They had lots of mirrors and I was bored waiting for my laundry so I took a picture.

In front of my laptop.

With my friend Flor.

So now you can tell by my hairstyle which of my pictures or posts are outdated. :) 

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  1. I will say it again!
    Awesome hair!

    but, freaky faced hair stylist you've got! hahaha xD

    1. One disadvantage of going blonde when you're originally black-haired. :)

  2. waaaaaaaah! I see. You're right. there's indeed a huge difference between then and now..I don't think I will ever have that hair style ever :D

    but I think I like the old one :P

    1. Me too. :( I like the old one better :( I even have to wear a hair net nalang kung igang because I can't tie it up in a pony tail na.

  3. Oh, every girl values her hair so much so I understand why you really cried. Yeah, it looks a bit different than the photo,maybe because you have a different hair type, but still you manage to deal with it. It doesn't look that bad on you. Just smile, and people will see how pretty you are.

    But I think there's no way I'll cut my hair like that. Hehe. I love my long permed hair. :)

    1. long permed hair.. THAT should have been the hairstyle before it was cut short. :(

  4. I never had long hair in the past three years. But the first time I also had my long hair cut so short, I also felt the way you feel. I even regretted at first but eventually got used with short hair.
    You look younger with your new haircut. But I agree with Mai, I think I like the old one. :)

    1. "look younger".. sigh. well at least there's that bit of consolation for this. thanks :)

    2. so sweet very beauty smart look girl

  5. wala nah lagih katung lagum sa imo arm !

    In front of your laptop photo is cool.

  6. I have experienced hair disasters as well. Especially since my hair is like this huge bush, thick and curly. Most stylist are not used to this type of hair and they try to apply haircuts for straight hair, totally doesn't work at all. Anyway, I know you can rock that look. :)

    1. what "huge bush"? I've seen your hair in pictures and it is pretty. I envy you :(

  7. it look really nice on you though! so don't worry! i also love bubz' hair but i am not as talented as her when it comes to styling so i stick with a straight cut.

    1. she is indeed talented. My fave guru too. :) Thanks. I guess it takes practice to rock this look

  8. haircut with an attitude isn't it?

    it looks good on you though. packs a lot of punch.

    1. Attitude indeed. I get stared at even. :(

  9. Hi sweet! Thanks for following my blog! You're so sweet! You love bubz hairstyle too? I used her picture as a reference to my haircut last 2010, and I can say that somehow, the hairstylist did a justice to my hair. Pero I know it's bit different from bubz hair, kasi I have curly hair e, I used to rebond it lang and iron. Pero it suits you well :)

    1. ahhh. you were lucky then. :( just rebond and iron and you're ok. I'm planning to cut of the longer stands once the short parts of my hair grow a bit longer. :(

  10. Replies
    1. hahaha. i know. I shouldn't have probably included his picture here

  11. The octopus cut looks pretty on you and yeah i agree, the stylist looks really scary. =D

  12. mas maganda ka po sa hair mo before, pero mas cute k naman sa octopus hair mo, parang highschool student lang :) and if I have to choose 1, mas ok ung octo hair for you.. mas young looking and fresh tignan... and I'm so much in-loved na sa waves ng hair mo... (i'm a guy btw) :D

  13. can you please re upload the pictures? I cannot see it. thanks :)

  14. That's definitely not an octopus cut. Bubzbeauty's haircut is called asian mullet.

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  17. I have the same haircut as you, you need hair styling (add volume) to achieve bubz' hair :)


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